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Woodland Walks Collection by Eibhilin Crossan

This collection of painting, has grown over the last year, and completed during this strange time of Covid. Inspired by the local woodlands where my family and I have spent many happy hours walking and exploring during this period of isolation.

These woodland walks have brought me immense solace and peace, and I always return renewed. I think many of us feel the same and perhaps the rediscovery of this wonder on our doorsteps has been one of the better silver linings of 2020. This collection is full of hope and a reminder to keep going, as tomorrow is another day. I hope you like it!

2020-11-28 13.39.21 (Medium) 2

I work from my home studio in Longford, just outside the town.

If you wish to come and see the work in person we can arrange that.

I also offer payment plans – don’t hesitate to enquire if this is something you are thinking about!

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