House Event RDS

May 2019 | Eibhilin Crossan


I had a good show at House in the RDS! It was a pleasure to showcase my new collection of Summer florals, as well as some new framed prints.  Seeing all my hard work so beautifully framed and displayed is immensely rewarding! 

As always, its so much fun to chat with people and make new friends. Thank you to all the people who came to visit my stand, to chat, to buy, to look at the work, and to meet me in person. Your feedback gives me the drive to keep going!

Art fairs can be exhausting and for those of us more inclined to introversion, they can be overwhelming. With each passing fair, I get a little bit more relaxed, and more able to handle the intense nature of these shows. The sense of camaraderie and support from all the other artists is incredible, and I had the best company this year with great fellow artists on either side of me. 

I have to thank my lovely husband Eamonn who hung the show for me, and helped me throughout the weekend.  And to my wonderful friend and fellow artist Jin Yong who took some lovely shots during the show for me. 

My new ‘Love Florals’ collection is now available to view and purchase on my website.