ArtSource 2018

November 2018 | Eibhilin Crossan


I had a fantastic show at ArtSource! I was fortunate to have a wonderful stand this year, which allowed me to showcase my larger canopy paintings, as well as many smaller pieces and framed prints.  It was a pinch me moment when all the hard work was done, and I stood back to see the finished show. Seeing all my hard work so beautifully framed and presented was immensely rewarding and most definitly a career highlight for me! 

I was delighted so many people came to visit my stand, to chat, to buy, to look at the work, and to meet me in person. Many online friends and admirers came too, and it was truly wonderful to put faces to all the names! This was my third time doing ArtSource and I felt more relaxed and confident this time around. I guess experience really does count! 

I feel blessed that so many lovely customers came and bought my paintings and prints. It is an incredible feeling when someone falls in love with your work and decides to bring it into their home and their lives. 

 I have to thank MacDaragh Lambe for helping me hang my show – I could not have done it without him… AGAIN!! And my husband Eamonn who worked with me all weekend and is endlessly supportive of all my endeavours. One of the nicest things about Artsource is the sense of camaraderie and support from all the artists. It’s a rare opportiunity to catch up, see each others work and have a laugh!

So thank you to everyone who helped make ArtSource 2018 the highlight of my year! I’ll be back 😊

My friend and wonderful photographer Christine Burns took some lovely shots of the show, so I’ve made a little montage video below. Check it out!