The Canopy Series

My ongoing Canopy Series of leaf inspired landscapes is closest to my heart. Trees and forests have always been a fascination of mine – I used to love drawing trees as a child. My home studio overlooks my garden and the trees beyond and I often paint outside under the canopy of leaves.   I love to photograph the shadows that leaves create on the canvas and I try to capture a sense of that in my work. 


I am more interested in abstracting my subject matter slightly and I try to focus on capturing a sense of light, movement and depth in each piece. I never really know how these paintings will evolve and that is part of my process – to go with the flow. I hope you like them!

Most of these works are now sold – make sure to check the Original Paintings shop for all available paintings.

My husband and I first discovered Eibhilin’s work at an art fair in Dublin a couple of years ago. Her work quickly grabbed our attention, we just loved her use of colour and the calming effect her nature inspired art had on us. We went with the intention of buying one piece of art but couldn’t agree on what piece to buy so came away with two. I absolutely love how her art looks in my home. I have since changed the colour scheme in one of my rooms inspired by one of the pieces. I now follow Eibhilin on social media and love seeing her new pieces showcased there. I wish Eibhilin continued success with her future endeavours.

Suzanne, Dublin