Nature Inspired Art

I’m a contemporary Irish visual artist currently based in Longford, in the Irish midlands. I create ethereal nature inspired art. I’m constantly influenced by the beauty of the natural world that surrounds me. Working from my home studio, which overlooks the garden and woodlands beyond, my creative process helps me to feel connected to my true self and achieve balance in a busy world.

My Work

I currently create original paintings on canvas, which are also available as archival pigment prints. I work predominantly with acrylic paint and inks, both on canvas and paper, exploring a range of subjects from botanicals and florals to ethereal nature inspired landscapes and portraits. I love the creative process, where I welcome the accidental and random effects that occur, especially when working with ink and water.


My Creative Process

My work often starts in the garden, under the shadows of my apple trees.  I use washes of ink to create movement and capture the shapes of the canopy above me. I don’t plan the outcome of these first layers, as I prefer to work intuitively, building up the paint and allowing the painting to emerge organically. I focus on projecting a particular mood onto the canvas, using my environment to stimulate the work.
Colour is my passion and pathway to expression. By combining my love of bright vivid colours with more muted subtle tones, I create an overall balance of mood and light with a dreamy ethereal atmosphere.


My Background

Painting and creating has always been a huge part of my life. My earliest childhood memories are of endlessly drawing and colouring. I have always been fascinated by photography and how it can capture the fleeting effects of light, something I now love to explore in paint!

In my early twenties I earned my degree in Art and Design Education from the National College of Art and Design (NCAD), Dublin where I specialised in painting. Despite having a sell out degree show, I decided to take a different path and pursued a teaching career. As a fully qualified Primary and Secondary school teacher I have poured my creativity into my students for over a decade.

My dream for Eibhilin Crossan Art

In 2015 I finally decided to prioritise art making and pursue my true passion in life. I now divide my time between teaching and painting. I successfully launched my Art Business at Art Source 2016 in the RDS Dublin, where I unveiled my Canopy Series of paintings for the first time. I have since gone on to launch a successful giclee Print Line which I hope to add to regularly. My dream is that my work will bring you joy, brighten your home and give you something beautiful to reflect on and get lost in!

My Story!

This is a interview I did with the fabulous artist and mentor Róisín O’Farrell.

Róisín helps artists to develop the business side of their careers and she has been a huge source of support for me.

In 2018 she made a series of artist interviews and I was delighted to be asked. I had to over come a morbid fear of speaking on camera so I can tell you this was a terrifying for me!

I hope you enjoy finding out a little more about what drives me and how I found my passion to paint again!

If you want to find out more about Róisín, check out her website!


Reviews from my collectors!


I am the proud owner of two fabulous pieces. I had a voucher and my plan was to run in and out in 5 mins with a print. I was not expecting to be hit with Eibhilin’s new collection that just blew me away totally. I couldn’t resist and that 5 mins quickly turned into an hour. I was in heaven surrounded by such beauty and joy. A valuable lesson learnt, you must view art in person. Screens do not capture the depth and colours correctly. I highly recommend you visit Eibhilin’s amazing new ‘Love Florals’ collection. Thank God, I found the time to call into you. I will be back for more. Well done and thank you. One very happy customer and looking forward to my friends being introduced!

Simone Darcy, Athlone

“Many thanks to you and Eamonn for getting the painting to me yesterday. I got home after a very long day, and I have only just opened the wrapping – the painting is stunning;  I love it.  What I imagine the aurora would look like (on my list to see but have not yet).  Thank you so very much.  Now I have the fun of figuring where to hang it!  

Siobhan Hearne Fitzpatrick, Kilkenny


We are very much enjoying our new painting and Glory currently has pride of place on our living room wall!”

Keith Smith, Dublin

“I got the painting and I love it! 
I was nervous buying it online but it is fabulous. Thank you so much and best wishes”.

Sallyann Byrne, Bray


“The painting is a beautiful piece and I was thrilled when I opened it. I think it fits perfectly in our bedroom and I love the whole canopy series, there are some beautiful pieces in there”. 

Tom Sheahan, California, USA


“I recently bought a Goddess print from Eibhlin. I loved it online but when it arrived it was amazing in person. The detail on the print is amazing it looks as close to a real painting as I have seen in a print. What was amazing is Eibhlin hand delivered the print to Galway instead of posting …she was visiting Galway that weekend but went many miles out of her journey to deliver in person!!! I absolutely adore the print and will be back for more. Dealing with Eibhlin was hassle free and it was a pleasure”.

Eimear Coffey, Galway


“I am new to Eibhilin’s work, but I just love following her beautiful art on Instagram. When I saw her new greeting cards for sale, I instantly decided to buy them. The cards arrived this morning. They are every bit as wonderful as I had hoped. Beautiful quality, vibrant colours and excellent value. They came beautifully packaged and the service was very quick too. Eibhilin is lovely to deal with, I would highly recommend these beautiful cards to anyone.”

Celine Rossiter, Wexford.

We were so delighted with our print which arrived very promptly! The colours are gorgeous and can’t wait to hang in our new house. Would highly recommend Eibhilin and will be back for more!!”

Jane Kelly, Dublin


“We had the pleasure of meeting Eibhilin in Dublin back in May ’16. I fell in love with the painting ‘One Breath Below’. I just couldn’t get it out of my mind, so when we got back I made sure that it found a place in our home. I proudly display it in our living room and I get the same giddy feeling every time I see it as I did when I first laid my eyes on it in Ireland.”                

Brandi Kirkley Myers, NC, USA.

“I just received my first Eibhilin Crossan piece, couldn’t wait for it to arrive. I loved ‘On Burnt Bog Ground’ in digital form but it is exponentially better in person. Digital doesn’t do it justice. Love it! Can’t decide where to put it as I want to see it as much as possible. I hope to purchase at least one more piece from Eibhilin this year”.               

Finn Ryan, Ireland

“I am SO proud to have two of Eibhilin’s pieces hanging in our home. I have the original “Blooms of Joy” and also a print of the “Goddess of Inspiration”. Eibhilin’s work is amazing and she was so gracious as to ship both pieces to the USA. Continued success Eibhilin! I look forward  to purchasing additional pieces in the future”.                                           

Charlaine Berry, Florida, USA.

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